Hand Soap, Reinvented: 3 Reasons to Be Pumped

Has your usual soap/gel/foam/whatever become mundane at best or, at worst, a single-use plastic eyesore? At Purifico, we seek to Do More. So, we prefer to think about this everyday task differently—a ritual of eco-activism that gets the job done, while delivering a little bit of happiness in every pump.

With that: Three reasons why we reinvented everyday soap as a Pur Ritual

  • For something you’re doing so often, our first priority was creating a premium experience that won’t dry out your hands. Our foaming hand wash is luxuriously dense, yet light. As you’re getting clean, we also wanted to respect the purity of the ritual by using only natural ingredients (such as 100% organic lavender oil) in our formula. The result is a hand wash that is a sensorial delight each time you use it. We believe in living in the moment, no matter how small. Hand wash doesn’t have to be boring, and our concentrated mix-at-home pods bring some unexpected magic into your everyday.
  • To reduce multiple layers of waste. Our 3 Ways We Reduce Waste Beyond Single-Use Plastic blog post goes into more detail, but we think it’s crazy to pay for pre-mixed hand soap, which is mostly water on the inside, and wasteful plastic on the outside. To put in practical (and eye-opening!) terms: By purchasing Purifico hand wash bundle instead of a comparable premium foaming hand wash, you will save money; water (not to mention the resources associated with shipping bottles filled with 80% water); and four plastic bottles from entering the waste stream…forever.
  • It’s cleaner—for the earth, but also for your home. We’re all trying to simplify our lives, and Purifico hand wash allows you to conquer your #declutter goals by replacing your collection of cheap single-us plastic bottles—and/or big, unsightly refills—with our tidy recyclable tubes, concentrated mix-at-home pods and chic Ceramic Infinity Bottle.

We truly appreciate your time and thank you for visiting Purifico. We hope you’ll join us in our mission. If you have any questions about our brand or any of our products, please contact me—I will respond personally.

- Nicole Kaldes, VP of marketing and content (nkaldes@splash-innovations.com)