Infinity Dispenser: FAQ


We created Purifico to help you, and all the showering and cleansing enthusiasts out there, get a premium clean while doing more to reduce plastic waste. Since some have asked about our Infinity Dispenser in relation to this mission, we have answers.  

If you’re trying to reduce plastic waste, why the plastic dispenser? Isn’t that contributing to the problem?

We are manufacturing something plastic, it’s true. But it’s called an Infinity Dispenser for a reason: One dispenser, infinite refills. We designed it to be the last bottle you’ll ever need in your shower—simply refill it again and again with Purifico pods. It’s akin to buying a reusable water bottle: Think about all the single-use plastic bottles you’ve avoided thanks to your refillable water solution. With the average person using about 20 bottles of shampoo and body wash annually, you'll keep those bottles from ever being manufactured by using our Purifico system. 

What’s it made of?

Our Infinity Dispenser is made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. No new plastics were made to create it. It’s waterproof, super durable and strength-tested to last.

Can I recycle it?

It could be recycled with your #Xs, but some of its components are not recyclable, such as the metal band at the bottom. Plus, we know now that most recyclable plastic never actually gets recycled. It’s best to shoot us an email ( and we will send you instructions on how to send it back to us at no cost, where we’ll upcycle it properly.

Do I really need the dispenser?

It’s 100% up to you. We recommend it since we designed it to mimic a shampoo or body wash bottle experience, and it helps protect the pods in your shower, or travel kit. Technically, you could keep the refill tube somewhere dry (like your medicine cabinet, or under the sink), and just bring a pod into the shower when you’re ready. Remember that the pods will dissolve when in contact with water, so that’s why we created our innovative dispenser. Plus, it nestles nicely in the corner of the shower and brings joy in its ability to replace all excess clutter.

Let us know of any questions or feedback about the dispenser! We're evolving every day, and your input is valuable when it comes to perfecting a product designed to help you live a cleaner, more waste-free life. Shoot me an email with any questions, and I will respond personally. 

- Nicole Kaldes, VP of marketing and content (