3 Ways Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts Save More Than the Environment

We enjoy holidays since, at their core, they’re all about generosity, love, and spending time with family and friends. However, all those good tidings can unfortunately also cause stress, excess waste, and overspending—but the good news is that having a greener holiday can help alleviate all three. The gift of love for the planet is easy with Purifico, since we've made sustainable luxury—in the form of a premium clean—easy and accessible.

Beyond the positive impact on the environment, here are 3 additional benefits of gifts that reduce your ecological footprint.

Reduce trash, save cash: In many cases, being more sustainable can be economical. Take roses, which are reported to cost about $85 on average this year (including delivery fees, surcharges, etc.). Delivered flowers will arrive wrapped in plastic and in a big box, but in addition (according to a recent article on Vox), the three weeks of flower delivery flights (from the countries where most of the roses are grown, to the U.S.) burn approximately 114 million liters of fuel.

So at about half that cost and without waste (assuming you recycle the bottle), we have two eco-alternatives:

1) A couple bottles of Rosé wine, instead. Wrapping-wise, you can get creative by making reusable bags with extra fabric, instead of buying a new roll of paper. Or, create these cool bows made out of magazines (we totally got our craft on this season and made these, for real). 

2) Hand-crafted paper flowers, like these from Unwilted, which last a lot longer and are just as beautiful. 

Save natural resources and waste by supporting brands that manufacture low-impact products. You can start your eco-gifting journey small, like by giving yourself the gift of our luxurious, Spa Shower Set that comes with a lots of lather and a clean conscience. But we also love these gift ideas this Mother's Day:

Saves your conscience so you can ditch the eco-guilt. Shop and celebrate with a clean conscience by focusing on small acts of good, not the wasteful. There will be trash, and plastic waste. Frivolous gifts will be purchased; plastic bows or ribbons will be used. IT’S O.K. Don’t waste energy feeling guilty about gift-giving waste; you’re not perfect, and no one else is, either.

Instead, focus your emotional brainpower on celebrating a “small acts, big impact” mentality. Set green holiday goals using the ideas above and build on them next year.