hand wash set (white)

All natural hand wash with lavender and shea oils

Earth Friendly:  Concentrated hand wash pods + reusable ceramic dispenser = no single use plastic waste. 

Clean & Natural:  Purifico pur ritual hand wash is made from 100% natural ingredients and essential oils.  It has a soft, subtle lavender scent to calm and comfort you as it cleans and nourishes your hands.  

Easy:  Simply drop one of the hand soap pods into your Ceramic Infinity Bottle, fill with warm water, and in 60 seconds you’ll be ready to use just like you would any other regular bottle of hand soap.  When the pods get wet the earth-friendly, bio-degradable film magically melts allowing the concentrated formula and water to mix to form a luxurious hand wash.  

Smart & Convenient:  Each pod makes an 8oz bottle of foaming hand wash (~150 washes / pod).  The earth-friendly ceramic dispenser and foaming pump come in three colors you can select from and are designed to look great in any bath or kitchen.  The pods come in a small tube that you can store anywhere - no more bulky refill bottles of ordinary hand soap.  Refill pods are only $2.50 each.

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Includes 4 refill pods & dispenser
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sherry B. (Madison, US)
hand wash bottle

I really like this stuff. little by little I’ll add this company’s products in my home. my bottle had a problem and this was solved almost immediately, and replaced for free. I appreciation their customer consideration as well as these products!

Rachel F. (San Antonio, US)
Great Soap

I love the ceramic bottle and the soap comes out as a creamy foam. Best of all I know I am cutting down on disposable plastic bottles so I am helping the environment.

Cecilia S. (Oklahoma City, US)

Love it!