Using Purifico is as easy as 1-2-3

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You’ve been showering for, well, your whole life.

But chances are, you’ve probably never purifico-ed before.

Follow the steps below and you’ll be right on your way to enjoying this new eco-friendly, self-care world of ours.

What you need for

hair and body wash

*What if:

What if no pods come out? 

Close the Base and shake it again.

What if two pods come out? 

Consider yourself extra clean :) Don’t try putting the second one back in the dispenser – you’ll risk getting water inside and melting the other pods. 

If you find that two pods are coming out often, try shaking out a little less vigorously. And make sure that the Base is fully shut before shaking. 


1. Always close the Base before setting your Infinity Dispenser down. Make sure it’s fully closed so no water gets in the dispenser, or your pods. 

2. Always keep the dispenser base-side down. Especially in the shower. You don’t want water to get inside the dispenser because you’ll risk melting the pods. 

And no one likes a melted pod :)