pod dispenser (large)

Refillable & Reusable. For use with 24ct refill tubes.

Earth Friendly:  Not only did we create this patent pending dispenser to last a lifetime in your shower, we even used 100% recycled plastic to make it so that it's earth-friendly.  Just refill with your favorite pods whenever they run out.

Easy:  Simple remove the clear cover from the dispenser's base by pulling up.  Load the dispenser with your refill tube and replace the cover.  When you want a pod, give the dispenser a little shake, push the button to open the door at the bottom and one pod will pop out ready to use.  All the other pods will remain safely inside held in place by a silicon baffle.  Close the door and enjoy your lather.  

Smart & Convenient:  Our Infinity Dispenser is designed to keep your pods safe and dry in the shower.  Engineered to last for at least, it will help you rid your shower of single use plastic bottles for years to come.  Travels well, TSA friendly, never spills or makes mess in your bag.  Holds 24ct refill tubes.

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1 x Refillable Infinity Dispenser to keep pods dry in your shower (for 24ct refill tubes)
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Isabella A.
Amazing produc

Makes using your pods even easier. It's a simple device that's easy to load and will dispense one pod at a time conveniently